How to...Music

On Wednesdays at 8:30pm we host a webinar via MixCloud exploring the tips and tricks of making a career in music. We chat to industry experts, artists and organisers to find out the answers that you need to the questions that you may have never thought to ask. 

Our webinars explore:

– 1st July 2020: Curiosity and Composition with Werkha and Ella Jarman-Pinto
– 8th July 2020: How to Promote Your Music with Jemma Freese, Martha Cleary, Marina Garvey-Birch and Bryony Jarman-Pinto hosted by Asha Nicholson
– 15th July 2020: Finding a Path into Music with Melanie Baker, Joe Steels and Josh Jackson hosted by Asha Nicholson
22nd July 2020: How to Be A Band with Ponyland hosted by Bryony Jarman-Pinto
29th July 2020: How to Be A Creative Director with Jilly Jarman, Kate Brundrett, Therese Johnston and Jessica Boatright hosted by Fish Krish
– 5th August 2020: How to Gig with Sam Johnston, Hannah and Will Harris hosted by BlueJam Youth
– 19th August 2020: Producing Music at Home with Grace Savage, Keisha Thompson and Chris Bartholomew
9th September 2020: Recording Your Music with Wonky Logic and Vanessa Rani hosted by BlueJam Youth
23rd September 2020: Careers in Music with Rebekah Reid, Leon Patel from Global Grooves and Anna Atkinson hosted by BlueJam Youth
–  7th October 2020: Composing Emotions with Ella Jarman-Pinto and hosted by BlueJam Youth
– 25th November 2020: Content Creation for Musicians with Werkha and Amahla hosted by BlueJam Youth
December 2020: Minds in Music: Finding Your Voice with BlueJam Youth


Recordings of the Webinars: