Innovative and inclusive music and arts in Cumbria and NE

These are Zoom sessions for singers and instrumentalists wanting to practice improvising and learn new tunes.

Mondays throughout the year. 7.40pm – 8.40pm.

Jilly explains: “In these sessions I sit at the keyboard and sing and play my way through warm-up, ear-training and jazz theory exercises then work on a tune.

This might sound advanced and a bit dry, but although anyone can join in on any instrument I am approaching the sessions as though teaching vocalists who have learned mainly through listening to their favourite singers and using that as a way in.

In these sessions, I introduce things like how to listen to the bass line and allow it to help you know where you are in the song while improvising. 

How to recognise common chord progressions like II V I’s.How to use your ear to make it easier to sing over complicated chords – eg sing all on one note and only change it when the dissonance is too much to bear! 

The sessions are fun and feedback is welcomed, such as ideas for new songs or whether I need to go slower or faster. We have a WhatsApp group you can join if you want – its a great way to stay in touch and support each other while gigs and rehearsals are limited.

Payment is £6 per session through BACS or PayPal – email Jilly at for more info or if you’d like to join.

There is a core group of about 7 singers, 3 horns and 4 keyboard players, with a bass player joining in 2022! We are all levels, and very friendly. We are all adults at present, but young adults over 16 very welcome.”